Bonobo – Migration | Album Release


Migration | mi·gra·tion | Noun

Seasonal movement of animals from one region to another.

Movement from one part of something to another.

Simon Green a.k.a. Bonobo has just released his sixth album, Migration, on Friday, January 13. Bonobo is well-known for bringing in a unique blend of sounds from all over the world. I’ve been a huge fan of Bonobo for quite a while now. Each album has been a bit different from the last while overflowing with the same powerful energy. Bonobo’s music really makes you feel a lot of emotions. I went to see a live performance of The North Borders album at The El Rey Theater about four years ago. The music and energy were so powerful that I shed a few tears. I seem to always get the feels whenever I listen to Bonobo.

While he is a UK native, he eventually made his way over to New York in 2010, and then to Los Angeles in 2015.  While working on Migration, Bonobo has spent most of his time migrating around the world, hence the album name. On his live Facebook stream earlier, Bonobo explained, “Whilst writing this album I was drawing from relationships with landscape, movements of culture, people and their effect on their environments as they move and settle within them. For a year living unrooted between cities whilst touring. A large part of this record was conceived during that time in unfamiliar spaces and within the constraints of temporary workspaces and the lack of a permanent home or base, something I feel contributed to the process and ultimately made this record something I’m immensely proud of.

Being in unfamiliar and not so comfortable areas to create music can bring on a challenge for most. Taking from my own experiences with music production, I feel most comfortable in solitude in my room behind my desktop. I do create my music based on current musical influences and emotion, which I think Bonobo did a fantastic job on for this album. I can feel what he was feeling during his time creating each track.  I’ve listened to the full album once while writing this post already (going for the second round). I don’t think I’ve ever been tossed around in emotions as much than when I listen to Bonobo’s music. Hats off and a hug to Bonobo for once again creating an incredible album. Bonobo explains a lot of his experiences creating this album in this interview done with Thump at Vice.


Migration is available for purchase on AmazoniTunes, and Google Play. You may also listen to the full 12-track album which is available on Spotify.


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