Desert Hearts Presents – City Hearts Los Angeles December

Have you ever wanted to experience a Desert Hearts party without being away for a few days at a festival? 

For just $9.99, now you can!

Just call 1800-337-3784 within the next 30 minutes to claim your spot to dance! 


Photo Credit: Jacob Avanzato

Alright, well it’s actually a bit more expensive than $9.99, however, it’s worth every penny. 

Welcome to City Hearts LA! If the three words house, techno, and love mean anything to you, then this is a place you want to be at. Desert Hearts Records holds multiple festivals year round and one night events around the nation. The festivals usually take place in spring and winter. I’ve yet to have experienced the festival yet, despite many almost attempts. I do have my ticket purchased for next springMy body is ready!

Desert Hearts didn’t throw the winter festival this year, otherwise, I would have gone. Instead, I got my Desert Hearts fix at City Hearts LA at The Belasco theater in the heart of Los Angeles. I personally am a fan of The Belasco theater. It’s beautiful; two stories with two dance floors, several bars on both floors (which is important considering waiting in line means less time to boogy), outside areas with a great view of the city and places to sit. For an event as big as City Hearts, this is the venue to have it at. I went to the last City Hearts -The Endless Summer Tour back in July which was incredible! With this line-up, I could not stop dancing!


Photo Credit: Jacob Avazanto

One of the things that caught my attention at City Hearts back in July was how anyone could jump onto the stage in the front and show off their moves. The Desert Hearts crew is a group of music-loving individuals who want to share it with everyone. By welcoming anyone up to the stage creates a great one big party type of energy. It’s not like those events where it’s only the DJ/artist on the stage by himself while everyone watches them. Everyone is on the stage, in the front and back. It’s madness! I love it! The line-up for the night was great as always with Mikey LionLee Reynolds, Marbs, PorkchopDeep JesusSacha Robotti, and more!

In the outdoor areas, the ground floor has several vendors, airbrush artists, face/body painters, and of course, a bar! Head up the stairs and you’ll find the second outdoor area with some places to sit, a couple more vendors, and talented fire spinners. Inside the venue, there are many live artists, LED spinners, aerialists, and more vendors! With how much there is to look at, appreciate, dance, and talk to friends, I wish the night never ended!

The Desert Hearts community is based on the premise of giving back. The holiday toy drive turned out to be a huge success with over 400 toys donatedWow! Go Desert Hearts Family! There’s still time to donate a toy if you haven’t already. You can send a toy to this address:

3525 Paseo De Elenita, Unit 179
Oceanside CA 92056

Or, if you’re in the San Diego area, bring your toy to City Hearts San Diego this Friday, December 23rd!


Photo Credit: Jacob Avazanto

If you aren’t located in Southern California, there’s still a chance for you to experience City Hearts! The Desert Hearts crew will be spreading the love across the nation over the next few months. I encourage you to check it out if it’s in your area! Check out the events page here.

Since I can’t make it to City Hearts San Diego, I’ll be counting down the days until Desert Hearts next spring!

Hope to see you there!


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